362. 45th Parallel Marker, Torch Lake, Michigan USA

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Why 45th Parallel Marker, Torch Lake, Michigan USA

The 45th parallel is the half way point between the equator and the north pole. Not many people have seen this point on the earth and some of the ones who have, have just driven over the latitudinal line without even noticing it. There are a few of these markers around the world and eight of them are in Michigan State. It’s not much to look at as you’ll see, but its worth it to say you’ve done it :).




The marker is located on US31 in the Torch lake area just north of Traverse City, Michigan.

How To Get Here

By Train

There is no train service.

By Plane

The nearest airport is the Cherry Capital Airport (TVC) in Traverse City, Michigan USA.

The airlines serving the Cherry Capital Airport (TVC) are:

Alaska Airlines (AS), American Airlines (AA), Delta Air Lines (DL) and United Airlines (UA).

By Bus

There is no bus service.

By Car

This is the best way to explore the 45th Parallel. Just use a service like Google Maps for directions and drive north on 31 from Traverse City and you will see the sign for the parallel.

Where To Stay

There are about three places nearby (A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort, Torch Bay Inn and Cottages, Elk Rapids Beach Resort and H Hotel Midland MI) . You may also head to Traverse City for many more places to stay.

==>> You can find a list of hotels from TripAdvisor here.

==>> Try Airbnb.


Where To Eat

You can find a few restaurants in Traverse City or the places to stay that are near to the 45th Parallel.

==>> You can find a list of restaurants from TripAdvisor here.



What To Do

Head to the 45th parallel and take a photo. On US31, there is nothing out there but the sign and one or two homes off a nearby street that is off US31.


45th Parallel Marker Torch Lake, Michigan USA - sign

45th Parallel Marker Torch Lake, Michigan USA – sign

Additional Information

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The 45th Parallel

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