About Me

About Me

I’m an ex-airline employee who travels on average over 250,000 miles a year. I write up-to-date airport, destination and ground transportation guides plus airline flight and hotel reviews with a mission to motivate airline employees to use their travel benefits at Passrider.com as well other travelers to see the world beyond their doorsteps.Kerwin in Loreto, Mexico

I’ve flown 171 airlines and visited 121 countries/geographical and teaches travelers how to be loyal to travel brands and make the most of airline stopovers at www.Cruisinaltitude.com/stopovers as well as other travel tips.

The sole purpose of this new Web site, Unfamiliar Destinations, is to provide information about destinations that are worth visiting but are not popular or unknown, well, unfamiliar.

If you have any such destinations and would like me to check them out, please contact me.


Working with Me

Thank you for your interest in working with me.
I manage a few travel Web sites. The main one is at Passrider.com is a place for airline employees, their families and friends receiving 3.9 million views annually. It is a very active community with 75% of the visitors returning to the site from time to time. It’s the only site of its kind on the Internet. I primarily provide information on airline schedules and destinations including accommodation information worldwide.

You can also find information on airline service reviews at Cruisinaltitude.com. This site has general travel information with a slant to having a better travel experience due to brand loyalty.

Users of Passrider.com are primarily from the United States, however, we have users of the site from about 131 countries. The top 10 being:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Mexico
  5. Germany
  6. Japan
  7. France
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Italy
  10. Australia

Passrider.com is one of the top web sites for current airline employees, retired airline employees and their families and friends. This website ranks well in search engines and attracts a readership who are interested in:

  • – Travel-related products before, during and after the flight
  • – Destination information
  • – Airport facilities information especially airport lounges
  • – Luggage for travel
  • – Items to make their travel experience better
  • – Luxury Hotels
  • – Last minute offers
  • – Information about cruises
  • – Information on short trips
  • – Information on weekend trips

How To Work With Me

There are a few ways you and your brand can work with me. Let’s take a look:

  • – Airline Service Reviews

  • – Brand Ambassador

    • – Do you need help in showcasing your brand? Let me help by experiencing the brand and sharing those experiences with my audience. I’m very big on being loyal to one brand in order to have a better travel experience.
  • – Hotel Review

    • Villa del Palmar Loreto, Mexico - Pool

      Villa del Palmar Loreto, Mexico – Pool

      – I specialize in experience your hotel brand and writing reviews. These reviews will give your perspective visitors a taste of what you have to offer. You can see some of them here.

  • – Press Trips

    • Hemanvan/Tarnaby - Kungsleden Trail from Above

      Hemanvan/Tarnaby – Kungsleden Trail from Above

      – Invite me to your attraction, destination, hotel, on a special flight or even a cruise ship and I will talk about my experiences to my audience via my blog and social media. Here’s some information on Colombo, Sri Lanka and Hemavan, Sweden to give you an idea.

  • – Product Reviews

    • – I will review your product if its something that will suit my audience.
  • – Public Speaking

    • – I can speak on different facets of the travel experience. Airline travel, aircraft cabins of service, travel brand loyalty, airport travel, packing tips, airline stopovers and general travel information.
  •  – ???

    • – Pitch me! Got an idea, just let me know, we will work it out.

Some Previous Partners

Cinnamon Hotels, CinnamonAir, Costa Brava Tourist Board, Fáilte Ireland, Flydubai, SriLankan, Greece Tourist Board, Visit Puerto Rico, Visit Sweden, Thailand Tourist Board

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As of January 2017

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To get started please use the contact page.