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Carisbrook, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica - Carisbrook Moravian Church 0

353. Carisbrook, St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Well, I grew up in this small town; very small town, and when you visit you will get a true flavor of what life in rural Jamaican is like. This is actually close to Bamboo Avenue, which is also an unfamiliar Destination. Everyone knows each other in this town its so small.

Holland Bamboo, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica 0

234. Holland Bamboo, St. Elizabeth Jamaica

234. Holland Bamboo, which is also called Bamboo Avenue is a part of the A2 highway which has bamboos providing an arch. You can also stop along the way and enjoy some local food from the region. It’s a great way to taste Jamaica and shelter from the heat :-).

Kingston, Jamaica - Hills of Kingston 0

183. Kingston, Jamaica

183. Kingston, Jamaica is my birthplace. It’s not a place that’s visited by many, but should. It has its charm and also the Bob Marley Museum.