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Augusta, Maine USA - Augusta State Capitol 0

331. Augusta, Maine USA

Augusta Maine is worth visiting as it is the capital of the state and its always worth it to see the State Capitol building. Plus you must have some chowder as that’s a favorite food in the New England states.

The Staten Island Ferry, New York, Ny USA 0

328. The Staten Island Ferry, New York USA

Staten Island Ferry plies between Staten Island and New York City in the U.S. It’s free and a great way to see New York City from the waters surrounding it, plus you get an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty.

Zzyzx Road, California USA - Desert Studies Center 0

323. Zzyzx Road, California USA

Just so you can pronounce it. I saw this on the map and wondered what its all about. I was real impressed once I got there. And yes, its a real place with its own ZIP code. You should heard Google Maps pronounce it :-).

St. Paul, Minnesota 0

317. St. Paul, Minnesota USA

St. Paul is that other city in the Minneapolis/St. Paul moniker. It’s the twin city as most know it. Actually for years I figured it was one place called Minneapolis/St. Paul rather than two very vibrant cities which they are indeed.

Fort Myers, Florida USA - Aerial view 0

302. Fort Myers, Florida USA

You don’t hear much about this town, but you’d be surprised when you visit to see what it has to offer. Two famous people lived right across the street from each other in this town; Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. And you can visit their estate when you visit.

Springfield, Missouri USA - Welcome to Springfield, Missouri USA 0

291. Springfield, Missouri USA

I don’t think many people go to Springfield, Missouri and I’m not sure why. It’s a small town with what looks like a vibrant downtown area in the stages of early development. It’s a University town which has beautiful buildings so its worth seeing in a small town US sense of the word.

285. Sanibel Island, Florida USA 0

285. Sanibel Island, Florida USA

Be notified when a new unfamiliar destination is added. Why This island is actually quite popular by the locals in the surrounding areas, but still not so familiar with others. Its really a beautiful...