361. Kermit, Texas USA

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Why Kermit, Texas USA

This town is the name that people call me all the time, so naturally when I was in New Mexico and saw a sign leading to it, I had to follow it. The town is actually more famous than you think as its named after Kermit Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the U.S. Nothing touristy to see here, but its cool to visit a town with such a name; don’t you think?


Kermit, Texas USA - Kermit, Texas

Kermit, Texas USA – Kermit, Texas


Kermit, Texas is located in northern Texas just south of the New Mexico border. JAL, New Mexico is to the north and El Paso, Texas to the west and Midland/Odessa, Texas to the east.

How To Get Here

The area is quite remote and there are not many ways to get there.

By Train

There is no train service to Kermit. Closest route is the Texas Eagle with a stop in El Paso, Texas. From there you’d have to rent a car if available.

By Plane

The nearest airport is Midland International Air & Space Port , Texas (MAF).

The airlines serving the Midland/Odessa, TX (MAF) airport are:

American Airlines (AA), Southwest (WN) and United Airlines (UA).

By Bus

There is no bus service.

By Car

If you are already in the region you can take the drive. Just use a service like Google Maps for directions.

Where To Stay

There’s only one hotel in the area, but you can find others about 20 or so miles away.

==>> You can find a list of hotels from TripAdvisor here.

==>> Try Airbnb.


Where To Eat

You can find a few restaurants in Kermit to grab a bite to eat. American icons such as Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Huddle House.

==>> You can find a list of restaurants from TripAdvisor here.



What To Do

So what to do in Kermit? Walk through the town and enjoy a piece of small town Americana. And also ensure you see the Medallion Home; its the town’s oldest structure which was built in 1907.

Kermit, Texas USA - Kermit, Texas Sign

Kermit, Texas USA – Kermit, Texas Sign

Additional Information

Language: English

Currency: USD

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City of Kermit, Texas

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