248. Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands

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Kwajalein is the fourth stop on the United Island Hopper from Guam to Honolulu; next stop is Honolulu, Majuro. You are not allowed to visit this island unless you are U.S. military or work there or are visiting the island of Ebeye just three miles north by boat. This is the island where the locals reside. As a matter of fact, you may not be allowed to get off the airplane at this stop at all.

I once met the President of the Marshall Islands whom the airport is named on the flight into Majuro. A very kind man who invited us to visit the terminal, much to the chagrin of the crew and airport military personnel.


Kwajalein is an atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. This is the largest island in the Marshall Islands.

How To Get Here

By Train


By Bus


By Plane

The nearest major international airport is Bucholz Army Airfield (KWA). When I visited, it was actually named after the Major who met us at the airplane door :-). United Airlines formerly Continental Micronesia serves the airport which is built right next to a golf course.


By Car

Not really.


Where To Stay

You can’t stay on Kwajalein, but you can head to Ebeye and stay at the hotel Ebeye or with a local.

==>> You can find a list of hotels from TripAdvisor here.

==>> Try Airbnb.


Where To Eat

You will find some restaurants on the island serving local delights. Typically seafood of course.

What To Do

Once you land in Kwajalein, you will take a boat to Ebeye since you are not allowed to stay on Kwajalein. You are on an atoll, so diving is great due to previous wars in the region as well as snorkeling, swimming and exploring the island of Ebeye.

You can also find a list of things to do on the Visit Marshall Islands Web site.

Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Additional Information

Language: English, Marshallese

Currency: United States Dollar (USD)

Port Authority of the Marshall Islands

Visit Marshall Islands



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