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Most people go to Las Vegas to gamble, but there is Macau as well. It’s just not as familiar to everyone. Check it out. Macau is perfect for a day trip from Hong Kong.



Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PROC) is located just west of Hong Kong another SAR of the PROC.


How To Get Here

There are a few ways to get to Macau. Also note that a visa is required that is bought when you arrive.

By Ferry

There is ferry service from Hong Kong. There are multiple companies.  They have Economy and Deluxe class service that comes with Lounge service, so quite swanky. There are high speed CAT as they call them as well as normal ones. There are buses at the Ferry station that will take you to the different hotels.

Macau, Inside the Hong Kong Ferry

Macau, Inside the Hong Kong Ferry


Macau - Macau Ferry Bus Station

Macau – Macau Ferry Bus Station

By Plane

The closest airport is the Macau International Airport (MFM). I’ve been to Macau twice and never once flown in or out. I’ll have to fix that soon.

The following airlines serve the airport:

Air Asia (AK), Air Asia Zest (Z2), Air Busan (NX), Air China (CA), Air Macau (NX), Air Seoul (RS), Cebu Pacific Air (5J), China Eastern Airlines (MU), EVA Airways (BR), Far Eastern Air Transport (FE). Hainan Airlines (HU), Jeju Air (7C), Jin Air (LJ), Lion Air (JT), Philippine Airlines (PR), Shanghai Airlines (FM), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), Spring Airlines (9C), Thai Asia Airways (FD), Tiger Airways (TR), T’Way Airlines  (TW), Vietnam Airlines (VN) and Xiamen Air (MF).

By Car

If you are already in the region you can take the drive. Just use a service like Google Maps for directions.


Where To Stay

Macau is a gambling town full of hotels. So you have the likes of Vegas hotels present such as The Rio, The Sands, The Venetian and the Wynn.

Macau - Venetian Celing

Macau – Venetian Ceiling

==>> You can find a list of hotels from TripAdvisor here.

==>> Try Airbnb.


Where To Eat

Plenty of eateries.

Macau - Meal

Macau – Meal

==>> You can find a list of restaurants from TripAdvisor here.


What To Do

Lots to do here, but the main thing is gambling and shopping. One of the bigger attractions is the City of Dreams Casino. You can easily get lost in this facility. It has everything really.

Macau - Louis Vuitton Store

Macau – Louis Vuitton Store

Also, plan on visiting the Macau Tower.

Macau - MacauTower

Macau – MacauTower

The Ruins of St. Paul is also a must see. There’s a whole other side of Macau where the locals live and eat. You should definitely check out that area as well.

==>> Here is a list of more organized things to do from Trip Advisor.

==>> Viator also has tours which include VIP Tours.

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Additional Information

  1. Macau Tourism Board
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
Macau - Macau FerryStation

Macau – Macau FerryStation

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2 Responses

  1. Maggie says:

    I’ve been to Macau several times. Once when it still belonged to Portugal before the reversion back to China and a few times since. Now, there’s hardly a reminder that it once was a territory of the Portugese. But, it is a beautiful place: vibrant, active and happening. And, I’ve never had more delicious food in all my life! If nothing else, I would take a day trip from Hong Kong just for dinner!

    • kerwin says:

      Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for your note. Did not know about its Portuguese heritage; fascinating huh?
      Agreed that its a vibrant place. I want to go back very soon and you are right a day trip from Hong Kong is perfect.
      I really want to go back and try the local foods.


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