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355. Reno, Nevada USA 0

355. Reno, Nevada USA

Most will go to Las Vegas, Nevada for gambling, however, Reno, Nevada USA has just as good gambling and a few other things to see as well.

354. Marigot, St. Martin 0

354. Marigot, St. Martin

There are two sides to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. The Dutch side, St. Maarten and the French side St. Martin. They live in perfect harmony although they are two countries. Marigot is the quiet side; the capital of the French side. It really is like you’re in France :-).

Carisbrook, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica - Carisbrook Moravian Church 0

353. Carisbrook, St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Well, I grew up in this small town; very small town, and when you visit you will get a true flavor of what life in rural Jamaican is like. This is actually close to Bamboo Avenue, which is also an unfamiliar Destination. Everyone knows each other in this town its so small.

351. Seward, Alaska USA 0

351. Seward, Alaska USA

Seward, Alaska is famous for the being the cruise ship port. It does however have a few things to see including a glacier which you can actually walk on. Check it out when you visit.

349. Guadalajara, Mexico 0

349. Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, but its not as famous as the others. It has its own treasures though so its worth a visit next time you’re in the country.

Rupea Fortress, Romania - compliments of JayWay Travel 0

348. Rupea Fortress, Romania

Need a place to stop and enjoy Translyvania just outside of Brasov, Romania? This is it. You can see for miles which is why the fort was built in the first place. Miles and miles of endless beautiful views of the country side.

347. Hood River, Oregon USA 0

347. Hood River, Oregon USA

This place is cool. It sits on the edge of the beautiful Columbia River that separates Oregon from Washington state. It has great wines and the views are pretty amazing. Yup, its worth visiting.