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Loreto, Mexico - Port of Loreto 0

4. Loreto, Mexico

Take a trip south of the U.S. border to little known Loreto, Mexico, my 4th unfamiliar destination.

Roissy-en-France - Vestiges du château de Roissy 0

2. Roissy-en-France

For a quaint French village experience, I suggest you stop in Roissy-en-France the next time you plan a visit to Paris.

Fiumicino, Italy - Giugno Bridge, Port of Fiumicino, Italy 4

1. Fiumicino, Italy

Fiumicino, Italy is the seaside town for Rome’s main airport. It is very unfamiliar as everyone heads to Rome once they arrive. However, if you want a true local Italian village experience, give it a try.