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340. Marrakesh, Morocco 0

340. Marrakesh, Morocco

The desert feel of Marrakesh is unmatched. The two is like walking on a set of Indiana Jones movie. I almost rode a camel there, but did not until I visited Cairo, Egypt a few years later. You’ll see what I mean about Morocco when you finally visit.

339. Casablanca, Morocco 0

339. Casablanca, Morocco

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Casablanca. Its such a magical city full of life. It’s very easy to get lost in the markets. You should go and ensure you have some mint tea on the street corners.

Ghanzi, Botswana - Dqae Qare San Lodge Camp Site 0

296. Ghanzi, Republic of Botswana

Have you ever met a real Bushman from Africa? Well, if you go to Ghanzi, you will. I don’t think you’ll want to live like a local though as it will take you way back. I had such a fun time on this safari with Wold Dog Safaris.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls 0

293. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

This is the tiny town at the edge of the mighty Victoria Falls which is fed by the Zambezi River from Zambia. It’s a great little town to explore and yes it has a huge tourist attractions next to it :-). So of course its worth checking out.

Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa - Nelson Mandela Square 0

271. Sandton, Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa

You hear all kinds of things about Johannesburg, mostly not so good. But I encourage you to go and check out Sandton, a suburb of Johannesburg. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s not the Jo’Burg you hear about all the time.

Victoria Falls, Zambia - end of the gorge 0

270. Victoria Falls, Zambia

If you’ve never seen the Victoria Falls, you need to do so. I’ve longed to see these for a very long time. So when the opportunity to work with Wild Dog Safaris in Namibia, I jumped at it. Most visitors only go to the Falls on the Zimbabwe side, but the Zambian side is pretty amazing as well. So make it your destination the next time you are in the area.

Livingstone, Zambia - Stanley House and The Capitol 0

269. Livingstone, Zambia

Livingstone, Zambia is quiet town that sits just across the border of Zimbabwe within close proximity to the Victoria Falls so it benefits from that economy. It’ a small town of working class people with a vibrant market and craft scene.

Chobe National Park, Botswana - Hippo 0

268. Chobe National Park, Botswana

Being able to get close to animals in the wild makes our adrenaline run wild. Chobe National Park is one of those places where you can ride in an open jeep or on a boat and get up close and really personal with the animals.