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Fahrradhof, Atlandsberg, Berlin Germany - Bikes on Wall 0

246. Fahrradhof Atlandsberg, Berlin Germany

The thing about unfamiliar destinations is that oftentimes they are right under our noses. The bike shop, Fahrradhof in Atlandsberg is one of those places as it is a small town just outside of Berlin with a huge and very unique bikeshop. A great way to get out of the city and mingle with loc

Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, Berlin Germany 0

244. Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, Berlin Germany

Berlin-Tempelhof Airport is, well was one of the three airports in Berlin. This is the one that was ran by the Americans and there’s still a basketball court on the top floor. Today, you can do paid tours of the airport facility and they also have concerts there. Plus the runway and airport tarmac and apron are all now a huge park right in the middle of the city.

Spandau, Berlin Germany The Citadel 0

71. Spandau, Berlin Germany

When I mention the name Spandau to a Berliner, I usually get a frown, but I like Spandau, Germany and its destination number 71 in the unfamiliar destination series. Getting a frown tells me that I made the right choice.