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355. Reno, Nevada USA 0

355. Reno, Nevada USA

Most will go to Las Vegas, Nevada for gambling, however, Reno, Nevada USA has just as good gambling and a few other things to see as well.

Zzyzx Road, California USA - Desert Studies Center 0

323. Zzyzx Road, California USA

Just so you can pronounce it. I saw this on the map and wondered what its all about. I was real impressed once I got there. And yes, its a real place with its own ZIP code. You should heard Google Maps pronounce it :-).

310. Harbour Island, The Bahamas 0

310. Harbour Island, The Bahamas

310. Ever seen pink sand? Well, this is the place. This alone is enough reason to visit, but wait, there’s more as its an island paradise where you can do a lot or absolutely nothing.

274. Palm Springs, California United States 0

274. Palm Springs, California United States

274. This city sits in the desert. Its pretty cool to see it too as there is a huge mountain on one side of the city and the plains in which the city is built right next to it. I’m always amazed at how it all works whenever I visit. It’s pretty dry and hot out here, but yet still there are beautiful golf courses, well manicured lawns and then bone dry desert right next door. The combination of all this is worth seeing for yourself.

Sausalito, California USA 0

117. Sausalito, California USA

Sausalito, California is that city you see across the way from Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, but never end up going over there. Just cross the Golden Gate Bridge and turn right. It’s unfamiliar destination number 117.