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Barack Obama Plaza, Moneygall, Ireland - Entrance 0

327. Barack Obama Plaza, Moneygall Ireland

It’s pretty strange albeit cool to be driving down the motorway in Ireland and see a sign for Barack Obama Plaza. Well, that’s what happened when I visited Ireland recently and my driver stopped there for tea. You should do the same when heading on the M7.

Galway City, Ireland - Galway City 0

307. Galway City, Ireland

307. Galway City has grown up a lot since I last visited many years ago. It’s now a bustling city with lots to to, plenty of shopping and beautiful surroundings. it’s certainly worth a stop the next time you’re in Ireland. And Galway is the European Capital of Culture for 2020.

Killarney, Ireland - Flesk River 0

289. Killarney, Ireland

Killarney is an area in Ireland that is naturally beautiful. Pretty much like many parts of Ireland. The color you see the most is green; this is due to the high amounts of rainfall. The region has a lot to see, but try to focus on Killarney itself when you go as it deserves to be explored.

Kenmare, Ireland - Shelbourne/Henry Streets 0

287. Kenmare, Ireland

If you like picturesque towns with multi-colored buildings and great views, plus very friendly locals, then I highly recommend Kenmare. The town is also along the Wild Atlantic Way so you will be experiencing one of Ireland’s major attractions.

Chester Beatty Library Dublin, Ireland - Chester Beatty Library 0

225. Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Ireland

225. There are many things to see in Dublin, Ireland, but this Library is one that many seem to overlook. Don’t be one of those check it out; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Sir Alfred Chester Beatty gave the Library to the country upon his death.

Limerick City, Ireland - Limerick Bridge 1

200. Limerick City, Ireland

200. Limerick City, Ireland. A quiet town on the river that’s really worth visiting in Ireland. It’s a pleasant walking city with a pretty cool castle at one end.

Malahide, Ireland - Malahide Castle 0

180. Malahide, Ireland

180. Malahide, Ireland, a town with a huge old castle is worth visiting. You get away from the crowds in Dublin and enjoy a day or a 1/2 a day in the countryside. You may even see some locals playing cricket in the nearby oval.

Milltown, Dublin, Ireland - Waterfall 0

177. Milltown, Dublin, Ireland

177. Milltown is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Dublin on your next visit. Wear your walking shoes and walk along the river Dodder and stop to listen to what nature has given us.