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Helsinki, Finland - Helsinki Cathedral Mkyrka 0

365. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland is not an unknown city, but its not one of those cities where you say, “Let’s go to Helsinki.” But when you do its adorable, really cold in the winter and quite nice in the summer. And it’s the 365th and final unfamiliar destination.

344. Lille, France 0

344. Lille, France

Lille is a city that most just pass through via bus on the way from London to Paris or vice versa, like I did. However, it has a lot to offer and is not visited a lot at all. It’s also a place to learn the culture of northern France. Next time, make Lille your destination.

Barack Obama Plaza, Moneygall, Ireland - Entrance 0

327. Barack Obama Plaza, Moneygall Ireland

It’s pretty strange albeit cool to be driving down the motorway in Ireland and see a sign for Barack Obama Plaza. Well, that’s what happened when I visited Ireland recently and my driver stopped there for tea. You should do the same when heading on the M7.

Gozo, Malta - Cliff 0

320. Gozo, Malta

Gozo is that island that sits north of the main island of Malta in Malta. Just visiting to watch the sunset or the baby blue waters is worth going. I don’t think I need to convince you at all :-).

318. Valletta, Malta 0

318. Valletta, Malta

I’ve been to Valletta twice. Once a long time ago arriving by air and another about two years ago arriving by a cruise liner MSC Fantasia. Of course both times were epic as the place is so beautiful. The harbor itself does it for me. Not to mention the colors you see; its mostly brown and so soothing. Plus, its a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Florence, Italy - Piazza del Duomo 0

316. Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy, it’s a pretty amazing city, but most usually visit the other major cities like Rome and Milan and then they may consider alternate cities such as Florence. Lots of people do visit Florence so its not so unfamiliar, but certainly not as familiar as the major cities. Check i tout and let me know if you agree that it too is worth visiting.

Bologna, Italy - food 0

315. Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy. This city is old and charming. It seems like a lot is going on when you arrive and that’s cause there is. It has a lot of historical things to explore and where they can, they’ve preserved the old city walls. Make Bologna the destination the next time you’re in the northern part of Italy.

Rimini, Italy - Arch of Augustus 0

314. Rimini, Italy in Emilia Romagna

Rimini, Italy. This little town is quite the gem. Most just use it as a way to get to San Marino, but oh my. It’s an old walled city with cobblestone streets in certain areas.

San Marino, San Marino - Tower 0

313. San Marino, San Marino

313. Oh my, why not? I was pretty amazed by what I saw when I visited. The Republic of San Marino is a principality within Italy. The center of the region sits at the top of a mountain. It will take you some time to explore it all, but its totally worth it. Did I mention the unprecedented view? Especially when it rains. Plus, its a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well.