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Koblenz, Germany - view of the Rhine River 0

288. Koblenz, Germany

If you want to get a breathtaking view of the Rhine River, then consider visiting Koblenz, a town that sits on the edge of the Rhine.

Frankfurt, Germany 0

261. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany is the first German city I ever visited. I actually visited it on a Sunday and all the stores were closed. So I just walked around and enjoyed the architecture. You can do this too as well as enjoy walks along the Main river and across its bridges. Plus there are small neighborhoods to explore as well. I think you’ll like this city as much as I do. And it’s the financial capital of Germany and the capital of its region.

Fahrradhof, Atlandsberg, Berlin Germany - Bikes on Wall 0

246. Fahrradhof Atlandsberg, Berlin Germany

The thing about unfamiliar destinations is that oftentimes they are right under our noses. The bike shop, Fahrradhof in Atlandsberg is one of those places as it is a small town just outside of Berlin with a huge and very unique bikeshop. A great way to get out of the city and mingle with loc

Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, Berlin Germany 0

244. Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, Berlin Germany

Berlin-Tempelhof Airport is, well was one of the three airports in Berlin. This is the one that was ran by the Americans and there’s still a basketball court on the top floor. Today, you can do paid tours of the airport facility and they also have concerts there. Plus the runway and airport tarmac and apron are all now a huge park right in the middle of the city.

Suhl, Germany - Steinweg Street 0

239. Suhl, Germany

239. Suhl is a small town in the center of Germany that’s surrounded by mountains and sits in a forest. It’s so green and getting there is half the fun.

Leipzig, Germany - Leipzig Train Station 1

203. Leipzig, Germany

203. Leipzig, Germany is in the Saxony area. It’s not one of the places in Germany that comes to mind to visit, but it should be on your list.

Magdeburg, Germany - Arthotel Magdeburg 0

106. Magdeburg, Germany

Unfamiliar Destination number 106 is Magdeburg, Germany a city you’ve perhaps never heard of or even thought to visit.

Hannover, Germany - Kröpcke Hannover 0

92. Hannover, Germany

If you are looking for another quiet and quaint town, check out unfamiliar destination number 92, Hannover, Germany.