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Akko, Israel - Akko Mosque 0

263. Akko (Acre), Israel

Akko, also know as Acre in Israel is a World heritage site. It is a walled city that dates way back in time. It’s pretty amazing to walk the underground caverns and explore the city too. It is actually two cities in one. One above ground and the other below.

Haifa, Israel - Bahai Gardens 0

210. Haifa, Israel

210. Haifa, Israel has a multi-cultural population as well as great food and amazing gardens in the form of the Bahá’í Gardens.

Rosh Hanikra Visitor Center, Israel - Lookout 0

156. Rosh Hanikra Visitor Center, Israel

156. The Rosh Hanikra Visitor Center, Israel sits at the northern border of Israel and southern Lebanon. You can clearly see Lebanon from the border. It provides a look at the beautiful underground caves with water splashing through them. A really unique place to visit at some point in your travels.

Caesarea National Park, Israel - Amphi-theatre 2

131. Caesarea National Park, Israel

Caesarea National Park use to be a Phoenician town which dates back to the time of King Herod. There’s actually a working amphi-theater which for me is the best part of the Park. It’s the reason why its unfamiliar destination number 131.

Nazareth, Israel - View from Hotel Olivie 1

87. Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth, Israel is unfamiliar destination number 87. It was a pleasure to visit and check out this Biblical city.