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Barack Obama Plaza, Moneygall, Ireland - Entrance 0

327. Barack Obama Plaza, Moneygall Ireland

It’s pretty strange albeit cool to be driving down the motorway in Ireland and see a sign for Barack Obama Plaza. Well, that’s what happened when I visited Ireland recently and my driver stopped there for tea. You should do the same when heading on the M7.

Killarney, Ireland - Flesk River 0

289. Killarney, Ireland

Killarney is an area in Ireland that is naturally beautiful. Pretty much like many parts of Ireland. The color you see the most is green; this is due to the high amounts of rainfall. The region has a lot to see, but try to focus on Killarney itself when you go as it deserves to be explored.

Limerick City, Ireland - Limerick Bridge 1

200. Limerick City, Ireland

200. Limerick City, Ireland. A quiet town on the river that’s really worth visiting in Ireland. It’s a pleasant walking city with a pretty cool castle at one end.

Cork, Ireland - Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral 0

76. Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland is unfamiliar destination number 76. I really love the Cathedral. I know you will too.


58. Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Do you like ice cream? Who doesn’t right? Well, Dingle is the home of the best ice cream in Ireland and maybe the best around the world, Murphy’s. :-). Plus, the Dingle Peninsula are is just an outdoors enthusiast dream.