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337. Muharraq, Bahrain 0

337. Muharraq, Bahrain

This is the town in which the Bahrain International airport sits and like all airport towns (Fiumicino, Narita and Roissy en France for examples), it gets overlooked all the time for the major town in that city. This one is simple and great just to walk around and check it out.

336. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 0

336. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah is one of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The Arab Emirates was established on December 2, 1971; a day that’s called National Day and well celebrated throughout the country. When you speak to most they’ll tell you not to go. “There’s nothing to do in Sharjah” they say, but when you visit you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the Emirate has a lot to offer visitors.

332. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 0

332. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is one of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It’s overlooked by its much shinier sister Emirate, Dubai. Abu Dhabi does hold its own though with the world’ largest mosque and home to one of the Formula One car racing event during the year. With all these attractions and more, its worth your time to visit this desert oasis.

330. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 0

330. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

This is a fascinating city and although my visit was only the airport, I look forward to the country easing visa requirements in 2018 so I can pay it a proper visit.

275. Doha, Qatar 0

275. Doha, Qatar

Qatar adds its taste of over the top architecture to this region so its worth it just to see that. Also I’m still fascinated by how these cities are built out of the desert. You will too.

Akko, Israel - Akko Mosque 0

263. Akko (Acre), Israel

Akko, also know as Acre in Israel is a World heritage site. It is a walled city that dates way back in time. It’s pretty amazing to walk the underground caverns and explore the city too. It is actually two cities in one. One above ground and the other below.

Seeb, Oman - Seeb Beach and fishing Boats 0

231. Seeb, Oman

231. Seeb is a quiet fishing village just outside of Oman where you can really see, feel and experience the Omani culture. It’s also great to walk along the beach and feel the force of the ocean breeze.

Haifa, Israel - Bahai Gardens 0

210. Haifa, Israel

210. Haifa, Israel has a multi-cultural population as well as great food and amazing gardens in the form of the Bahá’í Gardens.