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Kermit, Texas USA - Kermit, Texas Sign 0

361. Kermit, Texas USA

This town is the name that people call me all the time, so naturally when I was in New Mexico and saw a sign leading to it, I had to follow it. The town is actually more famous than you think as its named after Kermit Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the U.S. Not much to see here, but its cool to visit a town with such a name.

JAL, New Mexico USA - Small Town Big Heart 0

360. JAL, New Mexico USA

JAL, New Mexico is a really tiny town that you can explore while getting to know New Mexico. It’s pretty small, not much to do there and you can take a photo with the tiger at the beginning of town.

351. Seward, Alaska USA 0

351. Seward, Alaska USA

Seward, Alaska is famous for the being the cruise ship port. It does however have a few things to see including a glacier which you can actually walk on. Check it out when you visit.

Zzyzx Road, California USA - Desert Studies Center 0

323. Zzyzx Road, California USA

Just so you can pronounce it. I saw this on the map and wondered what its all about. I was real impressed once I got there. And yes, its a real place with its own ZIP code. You should heard Google Maps pronounce it :-).

Springfield, Missouri USA - Welcome to Springfield, Missouri USA 0

291. Springfield, Missouri USA

I don’t think many people go to Springfield, Missouri and I’m not sure why. It’s a small town with what looks like a vibrant downtown area in the stages of early development. It’s a University town which has beautiful buildings so its worth seeing in a small town US sense of the word.