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Jefferson City, Missouri USA - State Capitol 0

262. Jefferson City, Missouri USA

Jefferson City, Missouri USA is a university town (Lincoln University) located in the Midwest of the country.  With a vibrant downtown and many historic buildings, its worthwhile visiting. It is also the state capital, so you can explore the Capitol Building which is just next to the Missouri River. Plus its got an old prison you can visit too.

Anchorage, Alaska USA - Spectacular views from Elder Berry Park 0

247. Anchorage, Alaska USA

247. I think that most people don’t really spend time in Anchorage. They land and head to the cruise ship port in Seward or head up to Denali, but don’t really explore the city itself. So its time…

Long Beach Airport, Long Beach, California USA (LGB) - Curbside 0

245. Long Beach Airport, Long Beach, California USA

You are perhaps wondering why an airport is an unfamiliar destination. Well, this airport still has the same terminal from the early 1940s. The only other one I know of with a similar 1940s design is at Hobby-Airport, but that terminal is now a museum. The one in Long Beach is still in use!

Santa Clara, California USA - Caltrain Santa Clara Train Station 0

236. Santa Clara, California USA

236. Santa Clara, the small town next to the large city of San Jose. See, you’ve perhaps been to San Jose, but never Santa Clara, right? It sits in the heart of Silicon Valley and actually has a few things to do that will surprise you. You should next time you are in the area.