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292. Langholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

292. The Langholmen island is one of the many islands that make up Stockholm. This one actually used to house the prison until just 1974. Today, its a place to have picnics, go swimming and boating and take long walks.

Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden - Västerbron Bridge 0

230. Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

230. The Kungsholmen district is a very beautiful residential part of Stockholm that gets you away from the areas most visited by tourist. You get to see how the locals live and still get to visit the major city attractions. Of course all of Stockholm is quite picturesque, but this area is even more so. Wait until you visit, you will see what I mean.


Fatmomakke, Sweden

One of the most tranquil places I’ve ever visited is Fatmomakke, Sweden. I think you’ll agree as well.

Hemavan, Sweden - Kungsleden Trail 0

35. Hemavan, Sweden

35. Ski, ski and outdoors are the words for this tiny town of 100 or so people. It’s Unfamiliar Destination number 35.

Vilhelmina, Sweden - Lake 1

28. Vilhelmina, Sweden

I had a visit to a small town called Vilhelmina, Sweden and I’m almost sure you’ve not heard of it before so its my choice for the next unfamiliar destinations

Saxnas, Sweden Lake 0

20. Saxnas, Sweden

Saxnas, a very small town in the Swedish Lapplands that is worth visiting any season of the year.