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Potts Point NSW, Sydney, Australia 0

358. Potts Point, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Potts Point, NSW in Sydney Australia is an area where you can experience city living in Sydney without being in the center of the city. It also has great restaurants, parks, places to walk and nightlife. A definite oasis in Sydney.

North Head Sanctuary, NSW, Australia - Sydney City view 0

174. North Head Sanctuary, NSW Australia

174. Most head to Manly for the beaches, but there’s a sanctuary at North Head that’s worth your time and will pay off with a tunnel walk as well as spectacular views of the city of Sydney, Australia. Include it in your travel plans when next in Sydney.

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia - Three Sisters 0

173. Blue Mountains National Park, NSW Australia

173. Sydney, Australia is a busy place and has many visitors each year. But the Blue Mountains National Park not to far away from Sydney is not visited as much as it should. If you love the outdoors, then you must pay this Park a visit.