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Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom - Beach 0

250. Ayr, Scotland United Kingdom

250. Ayr is actually a popular seaside resort but not by people who are not from the area. Its the perfect spot to get a bed and breakfast and do nothing. Or walk along the beach and talk to the locals. It’s quite the hidden secret on the western coast of Scotland. When you visit, you will see what I’m talking about. I really did not want to leave at all.

Norwich, United Kingdom - River Yare 0

235. Norwich, United Kingdom

235. It’s not one of the cities you first think of when you think of the United Kingdom at all. It’s also fun to hear the people of Norwich speak and its actually pronounced “Norrich” just so you know. This university town houses a Norman castle and a cathedral that are worth seeing, plus the river Yare runs through it

Albert Bridge, London United Kingdom - Albert Bridge 0

222. Albert Bridge, London, United Kingdom

Most who visit London never head this far west as they just explore the London Bridge or the Tower Bridge for example. However, the Albert Bridge was built in 1873 and is older than Tower Bridge :-). it does not open, but serves as a connector between the Battersea and Chelsea communities. It’s worth a visit the next time you’re in town.

Little Venice, London, United Kingdom narrow boats 0

171. Little Venice, United Kingdom

Little Venice. 171. You’ve perhaps been to London many times, but never made it to Little Venice. It’s an area near Paddington Station, that, well looks like a smaller version of Venice. With the narrow boats in the canals and restaurants all around plus a small park, its a place to relax and enjoy your stay in London without the hustle and the bustle.