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347. Hood River, Oregon USA 0

347. Hood River, Oregon USA

This place is cool. It sits on the edge of the beautiful Columbia River that separates Oregon from Washington state. It has great wines and the views are pretty amazing. Yup, its worth visiting.

345. Multnomah Falls, Oregon USA 0

345. Multnomah Falls, Oregon USA

Oregon has some natural beauties as you explore the state and quite a few of them are waterfalls, the Multnomah Falls, Oregon is one of them. You’ll see what I mean once you make it there. It takes your breath away.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA - Liberty Bell 0

343. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Well, it is the home of Liberty Bell. It’s also one of the characters in the Rocky movies and it is the hometown of Patti Labelle. Plus it has a ton of history as well as being the capital of the nation at one point.

McMinnville, Oregon USA - Evergreen Aviation Museum Spruce Goose 0

110. McMinnville, Oregon USA

This area is dedicated to wines as its part of the Portland Wine Region in the Willamette Valley. Its McMinnville, Oregon as unfamiliar destination number 110.